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I started speaking on the subject of growth mindset in 2016 and have not stopped since.  Helping audiences, big and small, understand how limitless our potential is has become my mission, drive, and passion. Extending my services to include coaching has only been that much more gratifying. Working "face to face" with ambitious, driven, and accomplished individuals keeps me at my best.


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My Story

I have always enjoyed the process of learning and the feeling of experiencing something new. Growing up in Oxford, Connecticut, I saw my parents work hard to give my two brothers and me a good life and college educations. I have carried that value of hard work with me ever since I entered the working world. Always having a desire to be financially independent, I started with babysitting for neighbors and have not stopped working and learning since. I have always seen every task, big or small, as both learning and growth opportunities I was walking the pathway to a growth mindset even before I knew just what it was.


In 2002 right after college, I landed a “real job” in the marketing department of a leading financial services firm. Only a couple of years into my tenure, I was named the Marketing Director, leading a team of more than 20 associates that created and implemented firm-wide marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, help generate revenue, and foster increased advisor retention and development. Soon thereafter, I was promoted again to Chief of Staff, through which I worked side by side with the CEO, business heads, and leadership team members to bring innovative products and programs to market, increase retention of experienced and valuable financial advisors, and develop new, younger people in the firm’s intern program. It was through a project with the CEO that I discovered the impressive research behind mindset concepts.


Today, I continue to dig deeply into that research to expand my knowledge and am dedicated to sharing that learning with individuals and groups in the business and non-profit worlds who can benefit enormously from it. In my speaking engagements, I explain that having a growth mindset means more than just being optimistic and positive, important as that is. Audiences leave understanding that human potential is truly limitless and that at any age, our brains have the capacity to learn and do more than we ever could have expected. In the words of Carol S. Dweck, an author and leader in the field, “The passion for stretching yourself and sticking to it, even (or especially) when it’s not going well, is the hallmark of the growth mindset. This is the mindset that allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives.”


I have had the privilege of speaking to a variety of organizations, such as Working Mother Magazine, People’s United Bank, and GAMA International. In addition, I contribute to national and local publications, providing insights and thought leadership on mindset and mindset concepts.  

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