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Getting back up when you fall

We all have the best intentions when we start something new. It could be a new habit, routine, schedule change, eating regimen, or parenting concept. Whatever it is when you are trying to make a change, results will require effort, consistency, and time.

I am not proud to admit it, but a pattern of mine is to stop the habit altogether if I mess up or miss a day or two or three. Not only do I stop but I beat myself up endlessly for stopping. However, I only allow my pity party to go on for three days, then it is time to get back up. Just as if you literally tripped and fell you would naturally get back up and continue walking. We need to carry this analogy into every habit we are trying to form.

I notice in myself, as well as the people I coach and manage, that we tend to overthink the consequences of our actions or inactions. We will overthink the habit itself, use blanket terms like “always” and “never” to describe our missteps, and create a negative loop in our heads. From personal experience, I can tell you it feels amazing to release the anger and guilt we put on ourselves and just start back up again. The work you already put in, the experience you gained, healthy influence good choices had on your body are still there waiting for you. Pick up right where you left off and keep going.

When you do fall off follow these 3 step instructions:

1) Acknowledge the misstep.

2) Be kind to yourself.

3) Start again.

Repeat as often as necessary. It does not matter how many times you fall off in a given week, day, month, or year. The more important discipline is to get back up and start again. That is where resilience, strength, and results are found.

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