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If you were a stock, what would make people want to invest in you?

When I was moving into a new role at work, I was going through an identity crisis. The old me from the old role was blocking what was necessary for the new me to flourish. I was really struggling to find momentum in this new space, but I could not figure out why or how to move forward. I decided to engage my executive coach to help.

As all amazing coaches do, he shifted my thinking with one question: How do you need to show up differently in this new role to be successful? The question did not resonate with me, and he could sense that, so he asked it another way, “if you were a stock what would make people want to invest in you?” Ah-ha, now I understand.

In my new venture, I was too focused on big picture thinking. My thoughts were consumed with questions like how will I make an impact, how can I prove my success, and how will I meet my annual objectives? In this unproductive headspace, I underestimated the power of acknowledging how I showed up every day for myself, my clients, and my colleagues.

When I started to list out characteristics of what would make people want to invest in me, I realized that everything I listed was 100% within my control. Traits like showing up on time with energy, dressing professionally, being overly prepared, active listening, problem-solving, strong follow up, and ongoing communication sound like basics but they were required for my success, and I often overlooked their power. This realization relieved the pressure and released negative energy allowing me to focus on my work.

Fast forward years later to this day, before walking into any situation, I take a moment and ask myself how I want to show up at this moment.

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