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What is a performance coach?

A performance coach is someone hired by you to raise the quality of your performance in any task, activity, or role. A performance coach for professional development, mindset concept, and confidence training offers coaching methods to increase performance in any area of your professional life where you would like to see better results. When self-doubt about wanting to take the next big step in your career or business sets in, that is my area of coaching. I help ambitious individuals, who are already doing well, maximize their performance, leading to an increase in results.

I started my career in human development with a simple 25-minute presentation on growth mindset and what it means. That one presentation led to an obsession and then eventually a profession within this space. I started to speak all over the country, helping thousands of attendees understand the definition of a growth mindset and giving them tips on how to use growth mindset concepts to increase performance. Throughout that journey I realized, or to be more specific, I was told by my audience members that the key notes and presentations were not enough information for them to take action. Folks tended to have a hard time applying what I was teaching to their day-to-day lives and goals. After noticing this gap, I started coaching.

Before they were clients, attendees would reach out and admit that they had a fixed mindset in a certain area. Examples included being scared to ask for a raise/promotion, afraid to fail when they had to take a certification or exam, embarrassed to start a business, or fearful to take the next big step(s) to 10x their existing business.

While clients may not be able to pinpoint exactly what they need, what they are able to perceive is that they have not reached their maximum potential. In daily life clients come to me when they are:

● Feeling stuck or stagnant

● Noticing repetitive negative thought patterns

● Lacking confidence in themselves and their abilities

● Not sure what next step to take

● Unclear on a vision

● In need of space to talk and explore different ways of thinking

A performance coach will help you learn more about yourself, recognize your thoughts patterns, and challenge those limiting beliefs.

The best way to understand what performance coaching is is to experience it. I am happy to offer you a free 60-minute session to get you closer to reaching your maximum potential by improving your overall performance. Sign up here.

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