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Supporting Your Success

I am an experienced, ICF-certified coach who works with individuals to: 


-Apply growth mindset concepts into daily life and work,


-Remove the fixed mindset barriers that are holding them back, and,


-Clear mental space so they can focus on priorities.

When I began performing keynote presentations nationwide, many attendees expressed their enjoyment for the concepts and stories in my keynote. However, they wanted more. This prompted me to begin working one on one with individuals, helping them to apply these new tools and understandings into their daily lives.

My clients have ambitious career and life goals, are willing to prioritize their personal development,

and have a strong desire to do better.

People who seek my coaching services often:

  • Feel stagnant, 

  • Notice repetitive negative thought patterns, 

  • Lack confidence in themselves and their abilities, 

  • Know they need to make a change but are unsure how,

  • Need assistance creating a vision for their future, and 

  • Want space to talk and explore different ways of thinking. 



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