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Winning with a Growth Mindset 

Striving for success is woven into the fabric of our lives — personal, educational, and professional. In a business world brimming with technology and client relationships or marketing programs, we often look externally for something that will be a springboard to individual or firm-wide success. However, the solution often lies within. At any rate, no external solution will do what we hope for unless we have a mindset that fosters growth, the opposite of which is a fixed mindset. It is easy to lapse into the latter without even realizing it.


During my presentation, I will educate attendees on growth versus fixed mindsets and how these two opposites impact our success or failure both professionally and personally. In detailing ways to rewire our cognitive habits, I will inspire attendees to adopt the much more rewarding and nourishing growth mindset with an emphasis on what growth really is: constant learning.

60 Minute Session 

Audience Takeaways 

- The differences between a growth and fixed mindset

- How to recognize which mindset dominates your thinking

- How to create a passion for learning versus a hunger for approval

- Tips to move your mindset from growth to fixed

- How to practice mindfulness 

- How to remove the fear of failure

- Understanding your learning zone versus performance zone

- Industry examples of growth mindset at work

Conference Crowd
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